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DIRECTV SWiM Mobile RV Portable Satellite Dish Tripod Kit SWM SL3S by Satellite Oasis

  • Handy Satellite Oasis carrying case for accessories
  • Geniune DIRECTV SWiM HD
  • Complete Portable Kit with Instructions

Product Description

The Satellite Oasis Directv SWiM HD tripod kit is the new addition to our highly rating portable satellite dish tripod kit. This kit is compatible with your H25, and Genie model receivers (HR34, HR44, and on). The kit comes with everything you need to have portable satellite TV in HD. With our highly rated instruction booklet, you'll have the kit setup quickly and efficiently.



Winegard SK-SWM3 Slimline Automatic Multi-Satellite TV Antenna by Winegard

  • Provides simultaneous reception from 99 degrees, 101 degrees and...
  • Supports all new DIRECTV HD receivers
  • Watch a variety of programs on different TVs at the same time

Product Description

The solution for DIRECTV HD. Access DIRECTV HD and standard programming with the TRAV'LER SWM (Single Wire Multi-Switch) Slimline Antenna. Built tough, this fully automatic, one button on/off antenna features the unique ability to receive programming from more than one satellite at a time. Any program can be watched on any TV at any time which is nice for families or RVs equipped with multiple TVs where simultaneous television viewing is desired. Now compatible with enhanced DVR capabilities. Special SL3-SWM LNB allows 1 coax entry to RV that can be split for multiple receivers. Unit weight: 53 pounds, low profile travel height: 9.75 inches, dimensions: 44 inch length x 34 inch width. Made in USA. (DIRECTV HD receiver and programming package required for HD viewing, sold separately).


  • Connect up to 4 receivers BUILT IN MULTISWITCH

Product Description

THIS SALE IS FOR A NEW DIRECTV 3LNB SLIMLINE DISH KAKU SL3 4 OUTPUT HD RV 3" TRIPOD TAILGATING KIT DirecTV KAKU 3 LNB Satellite Dish - AU9/ Enables You To Receive Local Channels In HD Via Satellite/ Includes 3LNBs And 4 Way Multi-Switch/ Allows Up To 4 DIRECTV Receivers To Operate Independently/ Required For DIRECTV High-Definition Programming/ DirecTV Ka/Ku 3 LNB Satellite Dish, Model AU9 This new dish from DIRECTV encompasses three LNBs to receive the 101°, 99°, and 103° degree satellites for local HD programming. The DirecTV Ka/Ku Multi-Satellite Dish antenna is primarily designed for use with up to four independently operating DirecTV Ka/Ku MPEG 4 HD Receivers but will function with other DirecTV receivers as well. INCLUDED: Brand new DIRECTV TRIPLE SL3 101-99-103, LNB WITH 4 OUTPUTS, 36" TRIPOD WITH 2" OD POLE 28" LONG, Brand new DIRECTV Standard Reflector plate, Brand new directv SKEW / ELEVATION back plate, hardware dish nuts and bolts assembly bags, 50 FEET RG6 COAXIAL CABLE, 6 FEET RG6 COAXIAL CABLE, SATELLITE METER (POWERS UP FROM RECEIVER IN LINE), UNION BARREL F81 W/ RUBBER BOOTS, MAGNETIC BUBBLE LEVEL, LENSATIC LIQUID FILLED COMPASS, 2 FLAT CABLES UNDER WINDOW JUMPER 8 ", INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL. THIS SET UP DOES NOT WORK WITH SWM EQUIPMENT LIKE H25 RECEIVER MODEL, EVERY RECEIVER LIKE H24 NEEDS TO BE SET AS MULTISWTICH NOT FOR SWM ON THE MENU,SETTING , SATELLITE. MOST OF THE RESIDENTIAL INSTALLATIONS ARE DONE WITH SWM EQUIPMENT, THOSE RECEIVERS NEEDS TO BE RESET AS MULTISWITCH OR THEY WILL NOT READ SIGNAL. IF YOU LIKE SEND ME A MESSAGE AND I CAN REPLACE LEGACY LNBF FOR A SWM ONE WITH POWER SUPPLY AND SWM SPLITTER.

DirecTV SWM SL3S Portable Satellite RV Dish Kit Camping Tailgating with Tripod SWiM and level by DIRECTV

  • Set up your Tripod and center mast.
  • Portable SWM
  • Portable Satellite Dish for Directv in HD

Product Description

The Directv HD Satellite dish RV tripod kit from is the perfect solution for taking your HD Directv satellite service with you on the road (RV Satellite, Camping). If HDTV is what you're after while traveling, this is the perfect kit. The kit comes with everything you need to get your DirecTV satellite TV service on the road. All you need is your satellite receiver, your TV, and 120V power and you'll be ready to watch TV.

Satellite Oasis Directv Hd Satellite Dish Rv Tripod Kit by Satellite Oasis

  • Not compatible with Genie receivers.
  • Includes 3 LNBF for 99w, 101w, 103w, with four output for 4 receivers
  • Compatible with receivers: H10 through H24, HR10 through HR24

Product Description

The Directv HD Satellite dish RV tripod kit from Satellite Oasis is the perfect cost effective solution for taking your Directv satellite service with you on the road. If HDTV is what you're after while traveling, this is the ticket. Detailed Satellite Oasis instructions are included with every kit. B band converter may be required to receive certain HD channel on certain receive models (SUP-2400 sold seperately). If you don't need HDTV on the road, we suggest looking at getting a DTV18SKIT. The DTVKAKUSKIT will work on any Directv receiver except for the HDTV receiver models: H25, HR34, C31, C41, or Genie receivers. For those style receivers, a Satellite Oasis model DTVSWMSKIT is required.

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