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SF-500 Digital Satellite Finder Signal Meter Sat Dish Finder DVB-S DVB-S2 by ATV-PARTS

  • Edit existing transponder parameters
  • Add new transponder parameters
  • Supports DVB-S2 and DVB-S

Product Description

Supports DVB-S2 and DVB-S
Multi standard demodulation & decoding
Displays Strength and Quality of signal
Edit existing transponder parameters
Add new transponder parameters
Support for 22KHz switching
Support for 13/18 volt polarity switching
No battery to maintain
Includes AC power supply
Includes F-81 barrel connector for connecting the power supply to your coax (avoids using a AC drop cord)

Frequency Range: 950~2150 MHz
Input Level Range: -65 ~ -25 dBm
Symbol Rate: 1 ~ 45 Msps
DiSEqC 1.0: Supported
Operating Temperature: 0 ~ +40°C
Input Connectors: F type
Impedance: 75O
DC power supply: 12 ~20 vdc
Universal power supply 100V-240V with EU/US Plug

Package Includes:
1X SF-500 Digital Satellite Finders
1X F81 Connector
1X Battery Pack Supply (batteries noy supplied)
1X User Manul

kwmobile SAT 1x2 distributor with 5-2400 MHz digital for SAT-TV DVB-S2 BK UKW by kwmobile

  • 2 way satellite distributor within frequency band 5-2400 MHz
  • Output: 2x F-Coupling (female)
  • Input: 1x F-Coupling (female)

Product Description

  • 2 way satellite distributor within frequency band 5-2400 MHz
  • Appropiate, for example, for SAT, broadband cable TV and VHF radio
  • Input: 1x F-Coupling (female)
  • Output: 2x F-Coupling (female)
  • Measurements: 55x50*23mm

VSHARE Sat Finder Sathero Pocket Digital Satellite Finder HD Signal SH-100HD with DVB-S2 USB 2.0 by Vshare

  • Package Size: 19cm x 13cm x 6cm (7.48in x 5.12in x 2.36in)
  • DVBS/S2 Satfinder
  • Sathero SH-100HD Digital Satellite Finder

Product Description

Smallest and fastest digital signal finder
Input Frequency 950~2150MHz
Input Level -65~ -25dBm
Input Impedance 75Ω
Demodulation QPSK, 8PSK
Preset global satellite data
Satellite parameters editable
Clear and easy to read LCD
Display POWER、C/N、Quality value
Signal Lock audio tone
Function operation and Signal Lock Light
Indicator Lights for 13/18 volts
Indicator lights for 22 KHz
LNB short-circuit protection
Upgrade software & parameters through USB2.0 Port
Length x width x height 13.5*4.8*2.5cm
Weight: 0.09Kg
Gross weight 0.18Kg
Carton size:46.5*23*18cm (20 pieces for one carton)

Product Description

SF-6500 *Support DVB-S2 *3.5'' TFT LCD *Multi-lingual OSD and use-friendly UI *Support Spectrum function *Real time constellation display *Support TP search and blindly search *USB 2.0 for software update/media play back *Measurement Type: strength,quality,C/N,BER,FEC,MER,TP MOD *Support HDTV video/audio output *Support AV input for monitor installing *Very easy to use with shortcut key *Support RCU *Build in loudspeaker for audio play *Large lithium battery capacity(4400mAh)



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    07/01/15 ,via

    Fortunately there’s wide hardware support here, with ProgDVB able to work with many DVB-S (satellite), DVB-S2, DVB-C (cable), DVB-T ... It’s yours for 25 Euros and you can find out more at the ProgDVB site. What’s new in v7?

  • TBS 6982 Dual Satellite HD Low-profile PCIe TV Tuner Card DVB-S2

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    TBS6982 PCI-E DVB-S2 Twin Tuner TV card is designed to fulfill the needs of watching/recording multiple satellite TV channels on PC simultaneously. With Single tuner TV card, you're limited to watch one channel at one time only. While with this dual tuner ...

  • United Group upgrading to MPEG-4, DVB-S2 with Eutelsat

    02/09/15 ,via Digital TV

    In addition to securing capacity on the Eutelsat satellite, Total TV is preparing to migrate its platform to MPEG-4 and DVB-S2 with a view to boosting its HD offer, the move will start later this month and is expected to be complete by mid-2016.

Desired Sat Finder DVB-S2
Desired Sat Finder DVB-S2
Product Code: Desired Sat Finder DVB-S2
Product Code: Desired Sat Finder DVB-S2
Miernik Maximum Sat Finder DVB-S2
Miernik Maximum Sat Finder DVB-S2
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