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Satlink WS-6951 DVB-S2 WITH MPEG-2/MPEG4 Satellite Signal Finder Meter by SATlink

  • Supports scan of Auto,Blind,Manual or NIT
  • MPEG-2 / H.264 Hardware decoding
  • Digital meter for signal strength and quality

Product Description

* 4.3 Inch High Definition TFT LCD Screen
* Fully DVB-S/DVB-S2, MPEG-2/MPEG4 compliant
* MPEG-2 / H.264 Hardware decoding
* Digital meter for signal strength and quality
* Supports scan of Auto,Blind,Manual or NIT
* Sound and Light Alarm for Locking Signal
* Auto Calculate Angle of AZ ,EL
* Supports DISEQC 1.0/1.1/1.2 ,0/22khz Tone
* Speaker Integrated
* Support both AV out and AV in
* LNB short protect
* 7.4V/3000mAh Li-Ion Battery Included
* Software upgrade via USB port
* Easy to carry


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Satlink WS-6933 DVB-S2 FTA C&KU Band Digital Satellite Finder Meter by SATlink

  • 100% Brand New Satlink WS-6933 DVB-S2 DVB-S HD 2.1" Digital LCD...
  • Input Frequency 950~2150MHz
  • Connector: F Type

Product Description

- Transmission Standard: DVB-S/S2


- Antenna connection: F-Type

- Frequency range: 950-2150 MHz

- Signal level: -65 dBm~-25 dBm

- LNB Switch: 22KHz

- LNB Voltage: 13/18 V, max 300 mA

- Demodulation: QPSK

- Symbol Rate: 2
LCD Features

- LCD Type: FSTN positive transflective

- Number of Dots: 128x64

- Active Area (WxH): 59.6x43 mm

- Connector: USB

- Data Protocol: USB to RS232


- Li-ion Battery: 8.4V 800 mAh

- Power Supply: Output DC12V/1A; Input 100-240V AC 50/60Hz

- Power Consumption: Max.5W

- Dimension: 8cm x16cm x4cm

- Net weight: about 250 g

Package Includes:

- 1 x WS-6933 DVB-S2 DVB-S HD Satellite Finder

- 1 x Power Supply

- 1 x USB Cable

- 1 x Silicone Case

- In Retail Package

SF-500 Digital Satellite Finder Directv Dish FTA & HV Light & audio DVB-S2 and DVB-S by DMS International

  • Edit existing transponder parameters, Add New Transponder Info
  • Built in controllable LCD backlight and signal alert speaker
  • Supports DVB-S2 and DVB-S, Multi standard demodulation & decoding

Product Description

No battery to maintain, Includes AC power supply, Can be powered by the receiver, comes with user manual.

Product Description

Support HD TV
Support MPEG-4 signal and DVB-S And DVB-S2
3.5" LCD color display
Microprocessor controller ensures reliable and stable performance
Can display EL/AZ, CBER/VBER, S/N, signal strength and lock sound alarm
It shows Azimuth and Elevation, CBER/VBER, S/N, signal strength and signal lock sound alarm.
It can detect very weak signal and provide antenna power(OFF/13V/18V).
Supports both AV IN and AV OUT for camera, LCD, etc.
Designed with key backlighting and flashlight.
Play music (MP3 format) from external USB device
Support language: English, French, Turkish, Arabic

System capabilities: Fully DVB compliant
Frequency range: 950MHz to 2150MHz
Signal level: -65dBm to -25dBm
LNB input connector: F type, female
LNB power supply: 13/18V, max350mA
LNB switch control: 22KHz
DiSEqC: Ver 1.0/1.1/1.2
Front end: QPSK(S); QPSK, 8PSK
Modulation range: 2Mbps to 45Mbps
SCPC and MCPC capable: Yes
Processor: 32bit processor (133MHz)
FLASH 8Mbyte1: 64MHz
SDROM: 16*16Mbyte(DDR1)
System resource+P49
Data rate: speed up to 15M bits/s
Resolution: 720*576, 720*480
Video format: PAL/NTSC/SECAM
Type: Mono
Sampling rates: 32, 44.1 48KHz
Data interface
Connector: USB
Li-ion battery: 3000mAH
Power supply
Supply voltage: 8.4V
Charger: AC 100 to 240V, 50/60Hz
Output: DC 12V

Package including:
1*WS-6922 HD Satellite Finder
1*Yellow Protective Case
1*Car Charger Cable
1*AV Cable
1*Power Adapter
1*Black Carrying Case

Anewish® SF 560 Dvb-s/t/s2/t2 Digital Satellite Finder Signal Meter Sat Dish Finder with Compass by AneWish

  • Support for 13/18 volt polarity switching, 22 KHz switching
  • Original high quality,displays Strength and Quality of signal
  • Frequency Range: 950-2150MHz

Product Description

Main features:
Edit transporter,down frequency,LO Frequency of LNB,Symbol rate,etc.
Find satellite signal and antenna signal accurately and simply
Provide spectrum display
Support 0/22KHz
Support DISEqC1.0 switch
Support USALS
Support 0/5v
Update data through USB
Use LCD to display the satellite signal and antenna signal strenth and quality
Support DVB-S/DVB-S2/DVB-T and DVB-T2

Frequency range:950-2150MHz
Signal level:-65-25dBm
Impedance:75 Ohm
Symbol rate:1Msps-60Msps
Demodulation:DVB-S:QPSK . DVB-S2:8PSK,16APSK,32APSK
Frequency range:170-230MHz 470-862MHz
Signal level:-78-10dBm
Impedance:75 Ohm
Demodulation:DVB-T:QPSK,16QAM . DVB-T2:16QAM,64QAM,256AM

1 x Satellite signal finder meter
1 x power supply(EU plug,if you need other type,we will send the plug adapter to you,thank you!)
1 x Instruction manual
1 x F type connector
1 x F to TV connector



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Desired Sat Finder DVB-S2
Desired Sat Finder DVB-S2
Product Code: Desired Sat Finder DVB-S2
Product Code: Desired Sat Finder DVB-S2
Miernik Maximum Sat Finder DVB-S2
Miernik Maximum Sat Finder DVB-S2
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