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Dual Grounding Block 2 F Type Port Antenna HDTV Block Satellite Dish Coax Cable Outdoor Aerial LNBF Receiver Signal Lighting Ground Spike Voltage Protector by NAC Wire and Cables

  • from damaging lightning strikes and power surges
  • Used to ground and help protect fragile electronics such as...
  • This ground block is used to ground two coax cables from a...

Product Description

This ground block is used to ground two coax cables from a satellite dish or outdoor antenna. Used to ground and help protect fragile electronics such as satellite receivers and televisions from damaging lightning strikes and power surges.


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Sirius Indoor Outdoor Home Antenna SSP1500 by Directed Electronics

  • Padded feet to prevent sliding
  • Can be used both inside and outside
  • Solid Black in color

Product Description

This antenna is rated for both indoor and outdoor use. It can be mounted on the exterior of your home using screws or it can sit on your windowsill. For best performance make sure the antenna is facing south. This antenna is compatible with every single lead Sirius Satellite Radios including: - Starmate - Starmate 4 - Starmate 5 - Starmate Replay - Sportster - Sportster 3 - Sportster 4 - Sportster 5 - Sportster Replay - S50 - Stiletto 10 - Stiletto 100 - Stiletto 2 - Stratus - Stratus 4 - Stratus 5 - InV - InV 2 - Orbiter


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SiriusXM Radio Indoor/Outdoor Home and Office Antenna by SiriusXM

  • Antenna has 22 foot of cable attached to the antenna
  • Includes a straight connector so you can use it with any type of...
  • SiriusXM Radio Indoor/Outdoor Home and Office Antenna

Product Description

SiriusXM Radio home and office antenna. This antenna is used to get SiriusXM service while using a home kit or boombox. This antenna can be used indoors or outdoors and has a 22 foot cable attached to the antenna. The connector on the end of the cable is a standard SMB straight connector which allows the antenna to be used with any Sirius or XM Radio receiver.



19" J-Pole Antenna Mount by Stellar Labs

  • 19" mast height.1 5/8" mast diameter.Lag bolt with pitch pad kit...

Product Description

19" J-Pole Antenna MountVersatile all-in-one mount that can be used with antennas or satellite dishes. Can be mounted on the roof, wall, chimney or any other flat surface. J-pipe is reversible from mounting foot for a variety of positioning options. Gray weatherproof coating.Also available in longer length



Boostwaves Amplified Digital Outdoor Indoor HDTV Antenna AR-163 UHF/VHF High Quality Far Range OTA Reception by BoostWaves

  • Product of Boostwaves
  • Super High Quality Outdoor Antenna for OTA TV Signals (Can also be...
  • Easy to Install - Built-In Low Noise Circuit: Less than 3dB

Product Description

High Quality Boostwaves Antenna is designed for long range HDTV Over the Air signal for your TV. Includes 20ft RG6 Cable.

Baofeng UV5R and Cubex Dual Band Satellite Antenna

This video demonstrates the signal quality of the Cubex Dual Band Satellite antenna used with Baofeng UV5R+. I make an effortless contact on Saudisat SO-50 ...

Cell Signal Amplification

Cell signal booster functions as a cell signal amplification . This product is also known as a cell phone signal amplifier and cellular repeater. In the industry of cellular phones, this device is created to boost reception in local places with the use of signal amplifier, internal rebroadcast antenna and reception antenna. These are quite similar to...

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New Indoor Antennas — Don’t Be Fooled By The Advertising

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How many times have you been fooled (or perhaps better stated, at least slightly mislead) by advertisements you’ve seen or heard on your TV or radio? Advertisers really do know their craft don’t they? It’s true, they definitely know how to make just about anything sound like the greatest... Source: the Norman TV View

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  • Battery Recharging: Why Is Tesla Not Going Wireless?

    06/30/15 ,via Seeking Alpha

    LOS: Line of Sight, the path between point A (Antenna 1) and point B (Antenna 2) in an outdoor wireless network ... The e-Road could then be used as a common motorway for ordinary vehicles while providing electrical power to EVs. Similarly, the Korea ...

  • First Responders: In-building Communications and Localization Technologies and Markets

    06/29/15 ,via Market Watch

    In addition to these interviews and primary research, secondary sources were used to develop ... due to weak satellite signals inside of a construction. All these factors make it necessary to develop special methods to extend outdoor communications ...

  • Protective Enclosures Company is Offering an Outdoor Audio Speaker Kit with a $499 or More The TV Shield Purchase

    06/18/15 ,via HAWAII NEWS NOW

    PEC is the manufacturer of The TV Shield ®, The Display Shield ® and The TV Shield PRO ® branded weatherproof digital signage enclosures and water-resistant outdoor TV cases. These display and TV protection solutions are used in over 6000 locations ...

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