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Anewish® Replacement Remote Control For Dreambox DM800 DM800SE 500HD DM8000 DM800HD by AneWish

  • Color: Black
  • Reliable, low energy consumption
  • Ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of your hand

Product Description

1.This remote controller is special design for dreambox DM800HD,DM800SE,DM8000,DM800
2.100% new high quality
3.Carefully test before ship it out

Batteries not included.

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  • Hardware-Update for Dreamboxes

    07/25/13 ,via Broadband TV News

    Leontech, the firm responsible for the distribution of the Dreambox brand of Linux-based set-top boxes, is launching three existing models of Dreamboxes into the trade with improved hardware. The DM500 HD as well as the DM800 HD se and the DM7020 HD will ...

  • Dreambox devices get hardware update

    07/18/13 ,via Digital TV

    ... is launching three existing models of Dreambox set-top box with upgraded hardware. The linux-based DM500 HD, DM800 HD SE and the DM7020 HD will be equipped with new memory modules, which the firm said would increasing the performance of the devices.

  • Ultimate Digital TV Systems 2011

    08/09/10 ,via Issuu

    £1,299, Dreambox DM800 HD SE – Latest in the hugely popular Linux receiver range. With HD satellite and recording. £429, Summer 2011 What Satellite & Digital TV 5 Ultimate budget sat system Times may be ...

Dreambox DM800 HD SE - S V2
Dreambox DM800 HD SE - S V2
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Спутниковый ресивер Dreambox DM800 HD se
Спутниковый ресивер Dreambox DM800 HD se
Dreambox-DM800-HD-se-Digitaler-Satelliten-Empfangsreceiver-fuer-HD-TV ...
Dreambox-DM800-HD-se-Digitaler-Satelliten-Empfangsreceiver-fuer-HD-TV ...
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